Species Spectrum’s New News Post

Species Spectrum’s vision is about creating buzz for rescue, shelter & sanctuary animals through modern design, photography, our popular greeting card line and related items. We are delighted to have a growing customer base sending and sharing Species Spectrum greeting cards with everyone. Check out our website: speciesspectrum.com!

Each year Species Spectrum pledges 10% of our net profits toward small rescue groups and and individual animals.

In 2009 we supported Kindred Spirits Animal Sanctuary and The Horse Shelter. Kindred Spirits is a small sanctuary for elderly, homeless dogs, poultry and horses. They are located south of Santa Fe off Hwy 14. Our “poultry greeting cards” include a turkey and a chicken from Kindred Spirits!

The Horse Shelter continues to provide a safe haven for New Mexico’s abused, abandoned and neglected horses. They average around 40+ needy, beautiful horses at any given time. We encourage any horse lovers in the area to go visit, make a donation or even adopt  your next friend at The Horse Shelter. Several of our greeting cards feature these horses.

In 2010 Species Spectrum donated a wolf photo taken by Jes McKay Gilmore to the Wild Life Guardians Wolf Art Auction. We are happy to hear it sold for $150. The auction was held to help the endangered Mexican Gray Wolf.

Taking one step is better than being stagnant and doing is better than talking. As far as we can see, socially conscious business CAN make a difference.

We invite you to visit our website and revitalize the art of snail mail with Species Spectrum Greeting Cards!


Jes McKay Gilmore