Parrot Photos

Well familiar with homeless dogs and cats, it’s always incredible to hear the stories of such a vast range of species, most recently parrots. While providing a suitable home for such extraordinary creatures proves too much for many people, it was intriguing to find out that in more than several instances parrots were displaced because they took a dislike to their original owner. Perhaps this is no different than a person that prefers the company of one friend over another. But if trusting a parrot’s judge of character is accurate, one must wonder about the parrot flying through the house ready to inflict pain on her human owner. Maybe it’s just a sense of entrapment of being a captive parrot and they have nothing against anyone at all if only they could fly free.

Looking at Porsche, Emerald, Leilu, Ruby and Chester it is impossible not to be captivated. For as much interest as I have in them, they reflected the same inquisitiveness in me. It was the first time photographing where an animal spoke the phrase in plain English, “What cha doing?”.  I turned around to see Chester, an Amazon Parrot watching me as I snapped photos of Emerald the Macaw. Nearly everyone is drawn to the incredible color palette of a parrot’s feathers, but in photographing each parrot, it was a quiet, pale pink parrot who stood out. Something in her expression, or the little dance she did, or maybe seeing her feeble looking lower body of which she had plucked near to naked. Still filled with spirit, her sweet expression and her being remind me of why sharing these stories is so essential. Porsche, quite a name… she is the first slide in the above clip.

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