Why Chickens are Good for the (Local) Economy

(The owner has 21 hens). The best cafe for miles around with fantastic food, it’s a community meeting place, hang out and unique place to shop. 

The Peach BasketTEXAS HILL COUNTRY GEMS: THE PEACH BASKET, FREDERICKSBURG, TEXAS (They sell organic chicken feed because many of their shoppers have chickens at home). It’s a local, indie, one stop grocery store with excellent customer service.

When looking for a place to live or a store to carry Species Spectrum, I’m finding out that people who like chickens are good for local business. I wonder if it’s a useful question for market research because it seems that the more I think of stores that carry my line, I’m pretty sure just about all of them like chickens!

There’s a conspiracy against chickens in some first world HOA’s. While innocent single female chickens are disenfranchised, in other places, chickens are the heart of local business. Urban farming is taking root. Have you seen Modern Farmer Magazine?

chickens-belong             Get your chickens belong sticker here! 





On a recent trip to Texas, I handed out my ‘Chickens Belong’ sticker spreading the gospel of the HOA determined to exclude chickens from the semi-rural community. People laugh because it seems ridiculous that this non-threatening bird is at the center of a community lawsuit.

People have noticed the ‘Chickens Belong’ sticker on my car and the only response I’ve gotten is, “Right On!”.

Hating chickens just doesn’t feel healthy. Liking chickens is good for the soul and the economy. Look at creative business around you. You will see that where independent, socially conscious, local businesses thrive that chickens are in the background.

Caring about chickens says something about you. It says you use re-usaeable grocery bags. You are free range. You probably buy kale in large quantities. You probably have at least one adopted shelter pet. You read. You might even drive a Subaru (with bumper stickers). You like being outside. You go to the farmers market. You sign petitions for animals. You have a sense of humor. You like buying independent  products and will buy Species Spectrum greeting cards over mainstream brands. Thank You.

Chickens build more than community. They are a sign of a socially conscious thinking and innovative, thriving small business. These people want to make a difference. That’s where I want to be. Thanks to these stores and others for carrying Species Spectrum and putting us on the map in Texas!

Interested in having chickens? Learn more  about them here.
Just wondering, have you considered a rescue chicken?

– Jes McKay Gilmore, speciesspectrum.com