Mother’s Day, the Card for Mom: Mongoose Mama

mongoose baby

Orphan baby mongoose get a lot of care on their way back to the wild. 

Species Spectrum is all about quirky greeting cards and even more it’s about meeting real animals and hearing their stories. For Mother’s Day meet Mongoose Mama.

Mongoose aren’t exactly endangered, but when their colonies are in populated areas people like to relocate them (Similar to Prairie Dogs).

CROW, the Centre for Rehabilitation of Wildlife in Durban South Africa has helped relocate quite a number of mongooses (yes, mongooses, not mongeese).

Mother's Day Mongoose Card

This surrogate mother mongoose was rejected from her colony (girls can be so mean to each other sometimes!) so she was placed with a new crop of orphan baby mongooses.

This is my favorite Species Spectrum card for Mother’s day. Your mother will love the sentiment and even though mongoose can be ferocious like these guys in this video

…They sure are cute! Happy Mothers Day 🙂







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