Pet Selfie, Nepotism Dog on Being an Entrepreneur


This is Mason. He “looks cute” but that is not the same as embodying the quality of ‘cuteness’. Mason has been given many opportunities in this life without really trying. He is the guy that works in the mysterious sector of a large company called, ‘Human Resources’. (No offense if you work in Human Resources). He is the guy that the other employees talk about at the water cooler. “How did he get the job?” “Why is he still here?” And more importantly, “Why did HE get the promotion?”

There’s one answer: Nepotism. He is neither qualified or a delightful being to work with. He has food aggression, skin warts on his back and an overwhelmingly grouchy disposition. In one word he is best described as “Glitchy”.

Once I dropped something on my big toe. Jumping around in pain he immediately took offense and bit my foot; the same foot that had just been crushed by a heavy inanimate object.

So why is Mason still at the top of his game? Because he had a connection.
Malcolm Gladwell wrote in his book, The Tipping Point that it is the ‘soft connections’ that make our lives grow.  This is how we network. This is how we get the job (unless cousin Mason is in line).

In addition, Mason asks for what he wants repeatedly. If it’s 5:55pm he does his ‘I’m hungry dance’. This means crushing up his kibble with a dedicated coffee grinder and dousing it in chicken broth.

Asking repeatedly leads to success. As an entrepreneur, I know this is true by fierce practice. Cold calls no longer make me sweat. You must ask people several times. The first time you do the ‘I’m hungry dance’ no one notices.

Well, Species Spectrum is hungry for more retailers, reps, distributors, fans and and we’re heading west. Arizona, California, West Coast etc. Here is our current store locator map.
Help us grow it by sharing Nepotism Dog.

Mason is even featured on a Species Spectrum greeting card representing rescue terriers everywhere. Buy his Pet Selfie.

Go Mason! Thanks for sharing!








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