Animal Lover Gifts, Species Kids Activity Books 2019


These new animal books from Species Spectrum are as bright as the young readers they are designed for. Colorful World of Animals Volume 1 & 2 blends full color photos, coloring and activity prompts on every page.

Whether you’re favorite animal is a frog, bug, cat or elephant, you’ll meet a slew of wild animals and pets in Species Spectrum’s books. Best of all you can begin reading on your favorite animal’s page. Colorful World of Animals is to be read in whatever way that suits you. An elementary school teacher loved this because it’s a great way to engage with her kids when there’s only a few minutes.


Just about everyone young and old enjoys sharing opinions and perspectives with each other. These books definitely ask readers to share their own ideas.

Flashback to the 90’s. I recall being in third grade and doing boring workbooks. The characters were so two dimensional. They didn’t exist in real life. By chance I picked up a copy of Young Children Journal while working on Species Spectrum’s first kid’s books. Young Children noted the importance of “juicy questions” vs. “dry questions.” The vast array of topics that went into Colorful World of Animals Volume 1 & 2 are created to give kids a peer-to-peer experience. Most importantly there is nothing like being a kid who shares a perspective that is valued beyond her/himself.


Story is our life experience. Colorful World of Animals relates to kids bouncing up and down to kids who like debating and creative problem solving. Animals are always great mirrors for how we humans make sense of the world.

Species Spectrum will continue to publish stellar interactive books that connect kids and animals to a world of conversations. We encourage your feedback on our first two books. Please comment of leave a review here. We are currently working on our third and forth books.

Finally, a big thank you for reading the Species Spectrum blog! I discovered some wonderful comments and that was so nice to see! Thank You.

In New Mexico, here’s a short list of unique local retailers carrying Species Spectrum’s Kids Books:

CB Fox, Los Alamos, NM
Colorwheel, Nobhill, Albuquerque, NM
Moon Rabbit Toys, Santa Fe, NM
The Range Cafe, Bernallio, NM
Treasure House, Old Town, Albuquerque, NM

Please give them a visit when you’re in the area!

Beyond New Mexico you can buy Species Spectrum’s Colorful World of Animals online here and here.


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