I motion for genetically modified dinosaurs to eat the Blackstone bigwigs of Sea World.

More seriously, this summer’s revisit to dinosaur man eating hell could be a boon for helping more people realize how ridiculous Sea World’s entertainment platform has always been. Even those who boohoo supporters of Blackfish will probably go see Jurassic World.

Here’s where where box office hits merge with cause (pardon, the ‘cultural media studies’ vibe). All the voices of the Sea World debate are featured in Jurassic World (although it was a shock that women’s tan pumps are still in vogue).

There’s corporate PR full tilt Claire, “People want more teeth and genetically modified dinos are the wave of future entertainment”. There’s the ‘Dino Whisperer’, Owen, “These animals trust me and they have feelings. Don’t eat me Blue!”. There’s Hoskins, “I’m training these raptors for Military Combat and world domination”. There’s Dr. Henry Wu, “All dinosaurs are genetically modified, this embryo is part Monsanto and named after the company”.  There’s Masrani, “You people are up to no good, but I die in a helicopter crash before I can make a difference”.

There’s Barry, “Owen knows best and I know what these animals are capable of, but I am powerless…the woman in the tan pumps makes the decisions”. There’s the stereotypical out to lunch brothers, Gray and Zach. Gray says, “Mommy and Daddy aren’t getting divorced, are they? Hey, that Mega Marine Dino just splashed me! I’m happy again!” Big Brother Zach says, “I totally didn’t want to hang out with you, but now that we bonded over Mega Marine Dino, I’ll always be your brother”.

Suck up the pending divorce Gray and Zach, this is going to take some Animal Rights Activism. Had the boys arrived on Dino Island to free the Dinosaurs, I guess that would have been a completely different movie; one that some would label ‘propaganda’. But for those who believe Blackfish is ‘propaganda’, could we not look at Jurassic World in that very same way? The film does make a complete mockery of that whole ‘Shamu Sea World Splash’ thing. Or are man eating mega dinosaurs enough of a distraction to say the film is purely entertainment?

Jurassic World may be one up from the third sequel where Sam Neil plays a pushover and William H. Macy can’t find that annoying son lost in the jungle. As a mainstream voice immersed in the world of pure air conditioned hot summer entertainment, Jurassic World offers talking points on the morals of animal entertainment and captivity. We can of course dance around that moral circle all night and not reach common ground. Yet, Jurassic World has in affect, raised the question that perhaps being splashed by a magnificent animal in an arena has in fact run it’s course. Just as Claire’s tan pump heels were extremely out of date, so is the paradigm of Sea World entertainment.

These are the “Days of Our Lives” and Orca whales belong in the oceans, not in theme parks. More and more of us are waking up to this. Even Blue the Raptor is on the front lines, “Ocean sanctuary for Tilikum, Lolita, Morgan and all the others!”.

Review of Blackfish, the Documentary about Sea World’s Orca Whales

Answer this question: Is keeping Orca Whales in a tank humane? An animal that in the wild swims miles a day and lives it’s entire lifetime in a family pod?

Vanity Fair described ‘Blackfish’ as “A mesmerizing psychological thriller”.

Perhaps this is to intrigue more of the general public or maybe Vanity Fair was afraid of being sued by the Blackstone Group, the investment firm that owns Sea World.

If Vanity Fair had said, “Blackfish reveals the horrors endured by the killer whales of Sea World,” would some ninny Sea World spokeswoman explained that the animals are ‘happy’?

Kudos to Blackfish for being the first feature documentary addressing the decay and abuse of Orca whales in captivity, specifically at Sea World.

However, what is the call to action at the end of viewing the pain and suffering?

I wanted to see Blackfish harnessing the power of viewers perhaps drawing people to a specific website. While there are multiple ‘Set Orcas at Sea World Free’ campaigns, they are not united enough to contribute upheaval.

UPDATE: It is incredibly comforting to see the ‘Blackfish Effect’ uniting and that both Netflix and CNN continue to air Blackfish.

Peta has a good one:

Blackstone Group is more than welcome to operate as a ‘theme park’ but NOT at the expense of killer whales like Tilikum being used as a sperm bank and kept in fish bowls. The calves born in the Sea World program are often separated from their mothers. Is this ‘humane’?

Sea World cannot claim their role in ‘conservation’ when the animals are performing on behalf of bank rolls and maintained in an an artificial environment that could never be healthy.


1. Boycott Sea World – The numbers of attendance MUST drop. Educate yourself and others.

2. Sea World targets Teachers and Youth – Educate your students, they are never too young to learn! For God’s sake educate teachers and Parents!

3. SOUTHWEST is a Sea World Partner – Petition SOUTHWEST to cut ties to Sea World, The easiest partner target.

4. Coca Cola is a Sea World Partner (This is a tough one because they supply their product to Sea World).

5. Panama Jack is a Sea World Partner – Do NOT buy their products.

6. Emmy award? Sea World claims they have an ‘Emmy Award winning DVD’. Who  issued that?

Weaken the system that strengthens Sea World to make the change so Orca Whales are no longer living out their lives in a bathtub.

Thank You.

Jes McKay Gilmore