Little Dog Story: Greyhound in Pajamas

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Enzo, the wispy, petite and aerodynamic Italian greyhound had the body of a dog god. He was sleek, good looking and enjoyed custom made fleece pajamas. These pajamas were not like the store bought version, they were designed with the shape and needs of the Italian Greyhound in mind, a deep chest and a narrow physique with delicate, yet speedy legs.


When I photographed Enzo, I remember how the sunlight shined through the thin pink skin of his back legs. He brought me to the world of loving small dogs too, not just the big ones. Enzo would sing on command when his owner would say, “Whine like a baby”. Enzo tipped his snout upward and howled in that way that makes people upload YouTube animal videos.

A true sight hound, Enzo could still endear any scent hound in a howling contest. Sometimes Enzo did yoga practice. “Do your yoga” we would say and like a magically trained dog, Enzo lowered his elegant little greyhound body into a perfect downward dog outshining many yogis; hips pulled back, front legs held straight. He often struck this pose while wearing a sweater during the winter months.

I always shared one of Jay Leno’s pet peeves, “People dressing up Animals”. But clearly this was before our pets had their own Instagram accounts and were self-made celebrities. Enzo sure looked cute in a sweater and that’s when the woolen hat made an appearance. If this is truly what therapy in today’s digitally connected world has come to, I’ll accept it. Enzo struck the perfect pose and then came the perfect caption.

I wrote, “The real mountain is within you” and one of the most magnificent blank greeting cards I’ve ever designed was born.

Enzo didn’t always have a sweater. He was born into a puppy mill family somewhere in southern New Mexico. He supposedly spent his youth as “the stud dog”, although he never really struck me as “the stud type”. Maybe it was just that by the time I met Enzo he was already passed Waylon Jennings, “Rough and Rowdy Days”.

Enzo spent most of his life as an only dog, pampered by the finer things in life, in a comfortable condo with two yards and a vegetable garden. In the morning he would lay in the yard to the east where the morning sun would warm up his white fur and nearly hairless chest. Enzo only had to share that tranquil yard with a few turtles and in the winter they hibernated. In the summer Enzo pilfered the turtle’s food at every opportunity.

He was the dog with a basket full of furry toys and even his own backpack. The extra small pack had pockets big enough for a few treats. Enzo strutted his stuff down the street and I took more pictures of one of my favorite little dogs of all time.

One day a nervous German Shepherd girl moved in with Enzo. She didn’t have the confidence that Enzo always had. Enzo showed her how to live and let live. The main thing is to have a comfortable bed and to keep warm in the winter. Enzo liked to be wrapped up tight in his fleece Justin Bieber blanket. The Bieber blanket was a win from a raffle fundraiser to help other greyhound dogs. Enzo didn’t even have to be a “Beliber” to love his fleece blanket.

It’s amazing to know a little dog like Enzo ended up needing a home as a young adult. It was thanks to Greyhound Companions New Mexico that Enzo was given a second chance at life. He really did get the perfect forever home as all dogs should, and even now, across rainbow bridge, he is always remembered and celebrated. We love you Enzo.

“The Real Mountain is Within You”. Thank you Enzo for inspiring me in designing the best animal Greeting Cards that always have heart.


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